Code de la langue (ISO 639-3): xkg
Population: 15,000 (1998 V. Vydrine). Ethnic population: 21,500 (1991 Vanderaa)
Region: Kaarta-Bine and Gumbu regions, about 70 ethnic villages (1998 V. Vydrine)
Alternate names: Kakolo
Dialects: Similar to Xaasongaxango [kao]. Bamanankan [bam] have poor comprehension of Kagoro. Lexical similarity: 86% with Kita Maninkakan [mwk]
Ressources par la SIL
Enquête sociolinguistique

Kagoro Sociolinguistic Survey

Auteur : Smeltzer, Brad

For this survey, an important question is how “close” Kagoro is to other Mandé languages. More specifically, is it possible for Kagoro speakers to use literature written in closely related languages. If so, there may be no need, from a purely linguistic point of view, to develop materials in Kagoro. The languages in question are Bambara, Khassonké and Malinké of Kita.